Pinksterblom ‘Pearl’ of Bosksicht

It all started with the acquisition of the enteric Pinksterblom. Pinksterblom was a three year old mare star and Reserve Champion at the breeding day of Ta it Bihald. At age four, she was at the Central Inspection model. As a broodmare Pinksterblom became famous and she belongs rightfully to the “Pearls of breeding.”

Pinksterblom had three model mares, a stallion in the Central Examination and the rest are all first premium star rating! All nine foals were star or model rating! Grytsje fan “Bosksicht” Model (Tsjerk) was the most famous daughter. She was junior champion at the Central Inspection, Champion and several times Reserve Champion at the breeding day of Ta it Bihald. As an 11-year-old she was in the last four for the championship at the Central Inspection.
Lolkje fan “Bosksicht” (Tsjerk) and Nelly fan “Bosksicht” (Wicher) are the other model daughters.

Offspring of Pinksterblom

Bearn fan “Bosksicht” Star (Lute)
2nd viewing stallion inspection, Z-dressage (1.68m)

Ernst fan “Bosksicht” Star (Jurjen)
1st premium gelding (1.70m)

Grytsje fan “Bosksicht” Model (Tsjerk)
Breeding Day Champion Ta it Bihald (2000), Junior Champion Central Inspection (1996) (1.64m)

Lolkje fan “Bosksicht” Model (Tsjerk)
(1.65m) Sold in America

Nelly fan “Bosksicht” Model (Wicher)

Rina fan “Bosksicht” Star (Tsjerk)
1st premium star, Junior Champion Breeding Day Ta it Bihald (1.65m)

Whita fan “Bosksicht” Star (Abe)
1st premium star (1.69m)

Teye fan “Bosksicht” Star (Tsjerk)
referred to the Central Examination (1.65m)

Botte fan “Bosksicht” Ster (Tsjerk)

Klaske Ant-B Star Preference is from the renowned stem 110 of the De Boer family in Nes with mother Sibbe Lien Model Preference and grandmother Neenke Model Preference. Her daughter Neenke fan “Bosksicht” (Wicher) was champion at three year olds and Reserve Champion at the breeding day Groningen, Drenthe and her son Fetze fan “Bosksicht” made his name as a class of honor horse.

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