Tonjes 459 Sport

Father: Anton 343 Sports
Mother: Tjallina W. Model (Ulke 338 Sport)
Born: 12-03-2006
Height: 1.64
Paper: Model x Star Pref x Star Pref x Star

Tonjes 459 Sport was born in 2006 in the United States and is bred by the Vander Ploeg family in Michigan. His father is the famous stallion Anton 343 Sport and his mother is Tjallina W., a Model mare Ulke 338 Sport. Tonjes 459 Sport is approved in the United States in 2010 and is owned by Kettle Creek Friesians (

Tonjes is 459 Sport came to the Netherlands in late 2012. He is ready for breeding at the stud farm of SBH-Horses.

Tonjes measures at 1.64 m and, like his father has typical race characteristics such as the noble head, the long, thick mane and tail and friendly nature. Tonjes 459 Sport has a good step and is praised for his powerful hindquarters.

Tonjes 459 Sport comes from a super mother line. Mother Tjallina W. Model (Ulke 338 Sport) measures at 1.67 m. Tjallina W. has five offspring so far, Tonjes 459 Sport and two stars, one is deceased and the last is two years old now.
The mother of Tjallina W. is Douwina W., she is a star mare from Preferent Leffert 306 Sport and Preferent and measures at 1.64 m. She is also the mother of Bouwina W., mother of Sipke 450.
The famous mare Doet Preferent is the Great-grandmother and has five daughters including Performance Mother Mefrou Model Preferent (the mother of others such as Otte Warn 375 and 335).

In 2017 Tonjes is again available for breeding.

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